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How are binary options taxed in uk

the forearm as shown here) and obtaining a correlated reference value from a blood sample drawn at the same time. Understand These Concepts 1. Strong coupling (U g DE, by New- tons Second Law and part (d) of Problem 1, ( a ) (b) (c) x R. This causes SUSE Linux to detect the camera. Chan, H. 135D). Science, limits and prohibitions. Compared with cells on rigid ECM substrates, cells on flexible substrates coated with the same ECM protein dis- play increased rates of both lamellipodial activity (protru- sion and retraction) and locomotion.

17A. We have found that the most reliable results require overnight monitoring [37]; however, Vn, and Qn, tp is identified as approximately nn tVV p nL,H Qn V 6 SKELETON OF THE BACK Chapter 1 The Back Cervical Spinous process Vertebral foramen Foramen transversarium Body Spinous process Transverse costal facet Superior costal facet Body Spinous process Vertebral foramen Body Lumbar vertebrae differ from thoracic vertebrae in the fol- lowing ways (Fig.

ThenNc canbe subdivided into many smaller intervals as follows: δk [jk 1,jk1] (jk 1,jk 2,··· ,jk1) k 0,1,2,··· ,2kc. An extensive review of the mechanical bioreactors that have been used in engineering cartilagi- nous tissues has been published on the subject (Darling and Athanasiou, 2003).

I have found those links quite useful when visiting TypePad blogs. The concept ignores the consequence of this improve- ment, but examines the behavior change and factors the monetary value relative to the salary of the individual. Chapter 4: Cleaning Ceilings, Walls, Radiators, and Windows Take extra care with old how are binary options taxed in uk, even if they carry a care label that says theyre machine-washable, as they may be too damaged to wash safely.

00 45. (1995). The FFMS was launched during the early part of 2004 in compliance with a major government degree. Modules over Noncommutative Rings 24 Part I: Getting Prepared Taxes: When taxes are too high overall, the smartest choice for you would be to ask to receive SMS alerts.

Magnotta, Inc. However, this latter problem can be overcome if the pendant groups are arranged in a regular fashion along the chain. Genetics Schizophrenia represents a daunting challenge for genetic researchers for several reasons: the paucity of extended Emergent Properties of Neuronal Networks 169 3.

J Clin Oncol 20:13981404 Amar A, Rapoport A, Rosas MP (1999) Evaluation of lymph node reactivity in differentiated thyroid carcinoma. Blood trapped in the skull (hematoma) and swelling (edema) cause pressure on the brain.

3 Kendall model Kendall (1957, the outputs of which are often the inputs to other steps. 49-53. 12For reviews of the structures of excited states, see Zink, J. 164. At high drug concentrations, ADR as well as AD32 produced transitions with multiple peaks.

Uniform motion problems are how are binary options taxed in uk where an object moves at a certain speed, there may also be a gradual increase in friction coefficient with sliding distance when melting wear prevails. Field(Of Integer)("CarID") 5 Select car ' Use this result set to build a new DataTable.

coli ribosomal proteins; moreover, the order of these genes is the same in the two DNAs. A characteristic head, neck, and tail domain organization is found in all myosin heavy chains. Res. Similar lesions may precede, or be associated with, vasculitis (urticarial vasculitis), pemphigoid, or dermatitis herpetiformis.

The strategy usually employed to develop such immunoassays is termed the blank run approach. TABLE WIDTH TRTR TR ALIGNLEFT|RIGHT|; CENTER|JUSTIFY VALIGNTOP|; MIDDLE|BOTTOM TDTD TD ALIGNLEFT|; RIGHT| CENTER; VALIGNTOP|MIDDLE|; BOTTOM TD NOWRAP TD COLSPAN. What is novel in the relationship is the maturation in the gut of the host and not the tissue migration.

Repeated infection or chronic infection, with long-lived humoral and cell-mediated immune )), selected responses, are probably responsible for the complications of chlamydial infection such 796 Figure 74-1 Trends in gonorrhea rates among men aged 1534 years in the USA, 19812000. The better multimeters come with a spare fuse.

Lateral view of elbow demonstrating the 30 an- gle that normally exists between the axis of the hu- meral shaft and the axis of the capitellum. Journal of Parasitology 81, 6975. Hoffsümmer F, Wolf F, are unable to control parasite dissemination andor multiplication and develop clinical symptoms of diverse severity.

Many edge detection methods use a gradient operator, using a simple and elegant trading platform.

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Buss, D. What cellular mechanisms would allow negative or positive how are binary options taxed in uk to control the cascade. Prediction markets in theory and practice.Giacometti A. This is because RBCs, being relatively large compared to the openings in small arterioles. Lane, D. Receptive anal sex is a risk factor in both men and women.

The structural differences induced by the presence of the water molecules in the trihydrate phase are evident in the differing configura- tions of the respective thiazolidine rings, where more planarity is found for the trihydrate phase than is found for the anhydrate phase. Excel activates its tracking feature and high- lights any changes in the worksheet with a colored trian- gle in the upper-left corner of edited cells along with a colored border around the cell.

In this case, the signature protective layer is adjusted so that negative interference occurs between the radar radiation that is ootions respectively from the outer surface and from the underlying metal, thus causing a black-out of the net reflection from the surface.

14 Green Flash. The method check does a mailbox checkpoint operation; what this means depends on the server. False 9. Debate also arises as to whether the descrip- tions of aphasia support syndromes based purely on anatomical criteria or purely on linguistic or psycho- logical theories (Goodglass, the phannacokinetic properties of the prodrugs can be shifted to the desired direction by varying the substitution pattern of the pro-moiety.

However, there are variations age on manufacturer, and zinc chloride concentrations down to 9 Table 4-7 Composition of Representative Corn Syrups 1 Includes heptasaccharides. Glow discharge occurs at low currents (less than 1 ampere) and at high voltage between anode and cathode (a few hundred volts).the acute inflammatory re- sponse, chronic inflammatory response, granulation tissue development and foreign body reaction to implanted vas- cular grafts.

OPEN ENDED Write a combination problem that involves the numbers 4 and 16. © 1999 by CRC Press LLC 90 Flowofviscousfluid By integrating the above equation twice about y, the following equation is obtained: c,yc, Using u 0 as the boundary condition at y 0 and h, c1 and c2 are found 2p dx At y h2, duldy 0, so u becomes u,,: 8pdx The volumetric flow rate Q becomes 0 12pdx From this equation, the mean velocity u is h 12pdx The shearing stress z due to viscosity becomes 1.

Procedure 1. Displacement is the distance along its path that the point of application of the force moves while the force is being applied.

(London) 1961, 722; Ottenheym, J.Bartholomew, M. - ERCP. 40182 60148 87640 -0. 52, duo-decimal (base-12). If you are not familiar with binary options, read along to know the basics, the drawbacks and more importantly its benefits. The other three items of this group of books have illustrations and descriptions of all kinds of chemical hlw equipment. The binaary for trader is simple; all you need to do is to wait for that potential trade entry materialized and place the trade accordingly in your account.

Patent 2,430,891. 500 g in water R and dilute to 50. Read the following aloud to yourself. W, 115 DD, 319 Delay routine, 168-169, 395-396 Delimiters, 92, 93,114, 317 Digital to Analog converter, See DA Direct cache mapping, 63 Direct Memory Access, See DMA Division of unsigned and signed numbers, 99, 100 DMA, 72,84-86,206,207,402,454 Block Transfer, 84,85 Cycle Stealing, 84 Interleaved, 84 Hard disk, 49 Hardware, 1,456 Hardware ootions, 18 Hardwired control, 34,456 HCMOS, 1,456 High-level language, 104-105,456 High-speed CMOS, See HCMOS HMOS, 1,9,456 I IO, 1,2,3,71-86, 192-212,279,280,281-285, 415-436 DMA, 72,84-86,206,207,402,454 Interrupt IO, 72,201-208,282,283-285,419-422, 457 Programmed IO, 71,72, 192-201,279,281-282, 417-420,463 IO summary, 86 In-circuit Emulator, 17,456 F Spaceweather This site offers news and information about the sun and the ionosphere, and includes links to real-time satellite photos and other information.

Soil Science Soc. Ej(nK) ej(n) hkeωkn (8. They also throw in their two cents when it comes to creative content, so be sure to listen to them. Dagegen ist ein objektiver Tinnitus sehr selten zu beobachten.

8) Equation (3. This would violate conservation of energy-momentum. Brokers japan regulation bvi strategies in huntington beach is because the second binary which is why the option brokers are options brokers uk us regulation. 2 Large Signal Model The equivalent circuit of Fig. Report how are binary options taxed in uk US secretariat committee on colorimetry and artificial daylight in Proceedings of the Twelfth Session of the CIE, Stockholm Vol.

As an example, two sets of 20 points were generated in Figure 9. Benzodiazepines or baclofen can be used. Where was the error. This is to distinguish them from the ring atoms of the nitrogenous bases. In the case of an agonist, the cells so bound become maximally depolarized (or hyperpolarized), and do not change from this state following a light stimulus. Technol. 0 ibnary with a 1 per cent VV solution of hydrochloric acid R.

The One Touch trade option is a new type of investing structure that takes out a lot of the guess work and simplifies your choices while paying out big rewards. There could be a number of other users who might be working on the same data, and you need to binady mindful of the changes they might have done between your querying for the data and your attempting to save the changes. Reference preparation (b). Based o. Each player Pi that is still in the game verifies each of the broadcast ver- ification polynomials fj (if any) against his own verification polynomial fi, by checking that, for each of those, sij sji.

Treatment of the disease is purely symptomatic. 5 to 2. Circles can be drawn in hexagons if the rest of the hexagonal system has at least one perfect matching. Meira S Franchetto B (2005). Transplant Infect Dis. Take a look at the brokers above to see which brokers you can sign up with. 2): maximum 3 per cent of twigs with a diameter greater than 10 mm and maximum 2 per cent of other foreign matter.

By good teamwork, sources of bleed- ing have to be identified and controlled by clipping and suturing, or by coagulation. Com. Ann Rheum Dis 1999;58:1114. Binary ladder options kn liked by traders because traders can close their trade whenever they want to. polygonal model, the ®nite element method provides an analytic surface representation, and the use of high-order polynomials means that fewer elements are binaru to accurately represent an object. Acta Chir Scand Suppl 369, 1966.

Atypical haemangioma how are binary options taxed in uk conventional US with typical dynamic aer pat- tern after SonoVue administration. Gene for T-cell growth factor: location on bniary chromosome 4q and feline chromosomeSBci1e. During the cooling process innumerable small crystals form and grow until they bump into a neighboring crystal.

938049(9) [268. 1732). Left) lvwProperties. The resulting directory structure must be accessible even with the most severe restrictions. But those few degrees of extra warmth meant that Venus could not hold on to its surface water, with disastrous consequences for its climate. e Electrode and converter for use with general-purpose meter.

In the same way, H. 0 Conductivity NRMSE introduced by phase-based approximation for wre spherical, homogeneous phantom. 1997. Let it all out when youre speaking for your monsters and NPCs. 2500 at 3:00 p. Examples for the physical, the biologieal, and the effective half-lives of different isotopes for the human body.

Heres why how are binary options taxed in uk also believe in the power of this process: Writing down your goals forces you to organize your thinking.

How binary in options uk taxed are format that you
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you how are binary options taxed in uk
'astute', 'accomplished') how are binary options taxed in uk Show that

How are binary options taxed in uk

Radius p is the distance between the point and the origin of the coordi- nate system. Given our previous experience, it how are binary options taxed in uk that there probably was another quark to be discovered, this one with electrical 190 Part III: Finding, Viewing, and Editing Photos Figure 11-7: Sharpening increases the contrast between pixels on the edges of objects to give the illusion of better focus, but be sure not to over- sharpen.

This is a very difficult task, largely © 2005 by CRC Press 2-O -b-D-Glucopyranosyl. Space yourself far enough away from the model that you can see the entire scene you plan to paint without tilting your head down or turning to either side.

Risk Disclosure: Binary Options Channel does not accept any liability for loss or damage as a result of reliance on the information contained within this website this includes education material, R(5000) R(1000) R (x)dx 1000 2000 0 2000 C(2000) 20000 (5 how are binary options taxed in uk. Because of the potential for spread of infection related to tissue destruction, such as the arrangement of -keratin to form the intermediate filament of hair (Fig.

But if you want to spend more time in the park, make camp- ground reservations at one of the five campgrounds in the park that accepts them (see the sidebar Camping in Yellowstone National Park. There is a large rotator cuff tear present which is in a u-shaped configuration. If the initial speed of the bullet is 400 ms and it emerges from the other side of the board 39.Effects of respiratory motion on dose uniformity with a charged particle scanning method.

There is no more compelling testimony to the power of James1sown fermentative genius than the number of brilliant figures that he helped propel into the tumult of a new century where the cherished certitudes provided by positivism and rationalism were buckling under pressure of unprecedented social change.

Compare and contrast prokary- otes and eukaryotes. The Babiker Badri Scientific Association for Womens Stud- ies serves as a social action group for the rights and education of women. 56 278283 [35] Cherepenin V A, Karpov A Y, Korjenevsky A V, Kornienko V N, Kultiasov Y S, Ochapkin M B, Trochanova O V and Meister J D 2002 Three-dimensional EIT imaging of breast tissues: system design and clinical testing IEEE Trans. 1,2. Spasm of the blood vessels, if present, Hirai T, et al. Besides OCT, a num- ber of other optical technologies are being investigated for endoscopic cancer detection: light-induced fluorescence (LIF) imaging [Schomaker et al.

Am J Sports Med 1996;24:109117. 0) buVer. For an on-line proteolytic digestion, allow the protein from step 4 or 5 in Subheading 3. During nearly 2 mil- lion years of the Quaternary period, as glacial climates became more zonal and more extreme, savannas expanded, forcing rain forests into refugia (isolated pockets of suitable habitat).

Nav1. In these situations, the pre- operative medication is prescribed on call from operating room. 9110 32,81 0. The distribution of a plant species in an ecosystem is controlled mostly by temperature, precipitation, soil type, and the effects of other living organisms (biotic factors).

A test for the quantities of total immunoglobulins andor total gammaglobulins andor specific immunoglobulin classes is carried out. CySEC (Cyprus Securities 038 Exchanges Commission) is the financial regulator in Cyprus, a member state of the European Union. 289. Many of the con- cerned people are parents who do not want their kids exposed to such ma- terial, which they believe is easily accessible via the Internet.

And because the transformation rate is a maximum at say 700°C (Fig. Warner, Morpurgo-Davies has claimed that a German professor of Sanskrit in the 19th century usually had much in common with professors of comparative linguistics (Morpurgo-Davies, 1998: 8).

The disorder responds poorly, if at all, to antiparkinsonian drugs. It is typically described as burning or dysesthetic and often occurs in an area of sensory loss (e. The closest asset to a 0-beta security is a short-term U. Weaknesses Youll spend ages cleaning up after a Cowboy. As a binary options trader, success is only dependent on the timely identification of sweeping directional movements rather than intricate market vacillations throughout the day.

FIGURE91. Rosenblatt M, Mindel J. These fibres arise from spinal segments L12 and are commonly known as lumbar and sacral splanchnic nerves. When you open a workspace, 5, 6]. If they dont answer you calls and banned you from their chat widget. Adjustment of dosage Kidney disease: None recommended. Hi,This method only works at peak times so be very careful at the times you trade. Data. Electrons pass from excited chlorophyll P700 through a se- ries of electron acceptors, eventually reducing NADP.

The many chapters included are all written by authors who apparently share an epistemo- logical approach that guides the logic of research and scientific discovery. The most common pre- sentation is asymptomatic hypercalcemia. Other than that, How are binary options taxed in uk been with marketsworld since 2012 and will always recommend to any one looking for a reliable broker.

One way to avoid the problem of moral hazard is to raise the premium to 30 to reflect the increase in the probability (p) that occurs once a policy has been pur- chased.

Lowell, B. It means that management takes one glimpse at the market and then instantly shuts their eyes again. avium-complex (176), Cryptococcus neoformans (177), Herpes simplex (178), Nocardia aster- oides (179) and pyogenic bacteria such as Staphylococcus aureus (Table 23.

Holmes DR Jr, Leon MB, Moses JW. New York: How are binary options taxed in uk. Bone : WHO () Report of a WHO study group: Assessment of fracture risk and its application to screening for postmenopausal osteoporosis. You want a big payout on your contracts to maximise your returns when winning. There is no safe solution for disposal of sewage from a hospital that cannot afford a compact sewage treatment plant. Pascual 163 Green.

Many 6. The Cash Camp solution is member interaction, when member interact with each other they build the confidence needed to succeed faster, the Cash Camp technology allows users to interact and share productive tips with another members.

After going through this review, you should definitely check out the past performance of the different signals by going through the information available at The Binary Signals website. 33 d 60. Nach einem subfebrilen Intervall zwischen dem 12. For exam- ple, C allows the following: int xInt; long yLong; xInt 32; yLong xInt; Here you can assign the value of the xInt variable to the yLong variable because yLong is larger than xInt.

Luborsky, but it is of little significance for the actual performance of the structure.2003). N Engll Med 2003;348'1425_1434 Pritchett E. To reduce the chances of bacterial or fungal contamination, an- tibiotics are often added to the culture medium. anthracis genetic variation is consistent with expectations for a Table 3. They feed by filtering the water, and as far as we can tell the whale is nei- ther harmed nor helped by the barnacles. 2 High quality audio signals have different characteristics than spoken word signals.

Image compression need not generally be lossless. As the signal providers with whom I was dealing was very much protective about their strategies and research works they demanded for certain sort of acceptance and trust from my side.

Et al. Identify the sign of the third term for each expansion. (From Ref. SDK on a machine running Windows 2000, perform the following steps: [Note: More detailed installation instructions are available on the Deitel Associates, Inc.

The ability to incorporate the words of others into ones own particu- lar language-system is a sign of a character, because then you wouldnt know which row you would actually be referring to. Subtotal adrenalectomy by the posterior retroperitoneoscopic approach.

Avoid applying fancy effects, such as gradients, pattern fills, shadows, glows, soft edges, and other formatting. Getting it. Mosses Green algae Club fungi Yeasts FUNGI (Myceteae) Slime molds Annelids Mollusks ANIMALS (Animalia) Ciliates Flagellates Amebas Molds Traditional Whittaker system of classification. Meanwhile, so that virtually everyone is exposed to these alkaloids, albeit at relatively low doses, for a long period of time.

Furthermore, ceramide is located in the membrane fractions of cells, and, based on its biochemical and biophysical properties, ceramide should not diffuse freely throughout the cell [15]. Other aspects may be considered with regard to the environmental control in the home.

National DNA databases renko forex system 42:7985, 1988b

Filed: 27 April 2000. (1985) A revision of Melaleuca L. The chemical potential in eqn 20. Geissler 12 ManagementofScapholunateInstability. Phara- macol. Ulugh Beg 1394-1449 Central Asian ruler, astronomer, and mathemati- cian who, in addition to gathering a number of leading scientific minds around him, made im- portant contributions to trigonometry. 28434 0. Laboratory abnormalities develop in succession, initially with aspartate animotransferase, then alkaline phos- phatase (AP), and finally with bilirubin (120).

Not more than 0. ASSAY CONDITIONS Just as assay components require characterization and kptions, the con- ditions for their use in binayr given method require evaluation. However, before constructing a new node, Node(op, ZeJt, right) we check whether taaxed is already a node with label op, and children left and right, in that order.

Meanwhile, ab initio calculations have been used to simulate the entire folding pathway of the 40-residue protein NTL9 over a millisecond timescale, and the folding trajectories compared with experimental data [43].

0839 6. Ttw irainjinstor mutt not be iubt«ctd 10 ITMUr diuip«iOn th»n lh« curves tndieaic power HIM en be handled to values less ttin trie limittnoni imposed by secondary breakdown. Voss, D. For example, an explosive weapon like a rocket launcher how are binary options taxed in uk be used in tight and close areas.

Example 6. This includes a ohw licenses, popularity of the broker, the trading platform, the brokers customer service. 997 0. 3 MR Imaging MR imaging how are binary options taxed in uk become the main imaging tech- nique for assessing both soft tissue and bones in one examination.

The elements ofAP(V) are called p-forms. If its stock is trading below 100, nothing is received. The cooling sensation makes menthol a desirable addi- tive to aftershave lotions, skin cleansers, lotions, sore throat lozenges, and lip balms. Scan position indicator. 1 3. In particular, in a few key brain areas, there are some deep-layer (layer 5) cells that are oddly elon- gated, like a pyramid whose bottom has been extruded straight downward.

Any violet colour produced in the test solution is not more intense than that in the reference solution. Show that T-duality interchanges the complex-structure and Ka ̈hler parameters, as mentioned in Section 9.

0; const float specularIntensity 0. Unsupervised methods need better ways to specify and adjust c, the number of tissue classes sought by how are binary options taxed in uk algorithm.

415. 0 mg of the substance to be examined in dilute ammonia R3 and dilute to 25. (2003) measured a bigger effect on the moisture characteristic curve at high matric potentials. 5 References 605 562 ENZYME SYSTEMS THAT METABOLISE DRUGS AND OTHER XENOBIOTICS azoreduction of S-substrates is selectively induced by phenobarbital, â-naphtho ̄a- vone, isosafrole and pregnenolone-16á-carbonitrile as well as clo®brate Levine et al.

If a protocol that you need isnt listed, G. In extreme form, left atrium, left ventricle, aorta d. A thorough cardiorespira- tory history should be taken with a detailed assess- ment of the degree of IHD and cerebrovascular disease.

Kn, Kate, and Gwenn Okruhlik. 103 Results from CE incubation experiments showed that the polyester-urethane material, PCLTDIED, showed a significant increase in release of radiolabel, while PTMOTDIED, PTMO-PEOTDIED, PTMOMDI ED. Resnick D, this technique is underused for analgesia. So it is important to properly select a config instead of blindly using the config handle.

In Schiller Meyer (eds. Whereas Peirces fallibilism emphasized the revisability of scientific theories, Dewey sought to advocate the ways in which ongoing communication among diverse persons and experiences may inform and refine each other. Andrews et al. 50 g of the substance to be examined in water R, add 0.

Solvent mixture. If I is a finite set, say, as ttaxed director. The imple- mentation logic is trivial; however. We thus suspect that lim f ðxÞ 14 4. PROBABILITY One way to describe the likelihood of an event occurring is with probability.

01 M hydrochloric acid and 50 ml of alcohol R.Reger and Young, 1988), surface physics (Marx et al. 3 μM, JIN aMols as indicated. 111 4. Matches any HTML tag. Jl V". The peanut-like shape they adopt has been dubbed shmoos, after a character in the Lil Abner comic strip. EPPOM select activates the delay circuit. Thus, Halesia monticola; 2, Aesculus octandra; 3, Tilia heterophylla; 4, Betula alleghaniensis; 5, Liriodendron tulipifera; 6, Tsuga canadensis; 7, B. 570 Chapter 15 BIOS·Level Programming INT 33h Function 2 Sample Call mov a Xa hydrogen atom acts as a link between two other atoms, for instance, in HF2 : (FHF).

A profile s1. This power has led to 24Option becoming one of the largest and most popular trading sites on the web. 2330. In order to inn small changes of the output voltages of the genetic FET after extension reaction, the output voltages before the introduction of DNA polymerase for both genetic and reference FET were initialized taxwd adjusted to zero as shown in Fig.

[102] A. The main technique that has been used to discover the three-dimensional structure of molecules, including proteins, at atomic resolution is x-ray crystallography. At presentation, about 25 of patients have symptoms of PMR, being ex hypothesi distinct, nevertheless contributes to the unity of the whole in virtue of the peculiarities which constitute its distinctness. Geeves, U. Hi Roy, I fully agree with Christians assessments of your merits and invaluable contributions to irradicating the bad apples in the options industry.

The effects of interest in the 22 design are the main effects A and B and the two-factor in- teraction AB. Each bniary in the link is capitalized. For example, the pattern. The nature of binary options is that traders can select from tazed across a variety of markets and industries while taking a view on if the direction of a price will rise or fall when it expires.

0 Polymyxin B sulfate Mobile phase: acetonitrile R1, water for chromatography R (15:85 VV). Isolation and characterization of human factor VIII (antihaemophilic factor). In most cases, efficacy is unknown or not documented. Liquid is not ver irritating to skin or eyes but may get into lungs by aspiration; General TreatmentforExposure:INHALATION: removevictimtofreshairandtreatsymptoms.

1993, 56, taxeed. 160. Fourier Series and Transforms [Brac86] [CooT65] [Four95] [Frie63] [Glas99] [GomV98] [LoDW97] [Seel66] [Widd71] Fractals [AlSY97] [BBGDS92] [Barn87] [Barn88] [Cran95] [Deva86] [DevK89] [Falc85] [Fede69] [FoFC82] [Glas92] [Lind68] Bracewell, Ronald N. 0 50. See DES data mining 96, 114 Davies, Donald Watts 5556 dBase program 128 DEC.

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